domingo, 2 de junio de 2013

The ACT of God I

I've seen your eyes looking at me, you wAnt to discover the pieces of your existence. I've seen you hearing the music in the code, I put only four letters in your dictionary. Can you see how many things can be done with four letters, how many words can be formed, how many languages, can you see how simple is this design?, can you see its singularity?. 

I've seen your eyes looking at me, but are you seeing? Can you forget the way you perceive? you are looking but you are not seeing. The magic is there, you have to sing the written song, it's not words nor phrases, you have to listen the music. It's not my fingers, nor my hands but its movement. 

I've seen your eyes looking at me, questioning the way I ordered the structure, the way I planned the architecture. The sonG has four chords and 11 dimensions, the difference holds the key, this song is silence, you can't hear it with your ears, you can't see it with your eyes, your mind must be far from the middle, it's just a channel, not a goal. I'seen your eyes looking at me, but can you feel mine seeing at you? I let you know the code and I'm giving you the key in this song. Now you need to find the lock, open it. 

My name is written with four letters and four is our entire universe, i dropped the crown in my son and my blade in my oldest friend. I've seen your eyes looking at me, close them and you'll see me. 

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